A Diamond is Timeless

Mankind has been cherishing diamonds for millennia as one of the most valuable products on Earth. The rare natural gems carry considerable wealth within a small volume, and constitute an incomparable gift to your heirs. DiamAlps is a specialist merchant welcoming its clients who wish to buy diamonds. We furthermore propose tailor made fine jewelry pieces that are specifically adapted to your stones. Increasingly, our clients also engage into diamond investment.

DiamAlps is headed by a family of diamond manufacturers and traders, and in particular by . This profession is a family tradition since 1860. And so we have a direct access to the wholesale market. Furthermore all our gemstones are certified by the most reputed gemmological laboratories. You can meet our diamond dealer in Geneva (Swiss diamonds trader native from Antwerp), at the center of the surrounding Alps. We receive clients by appointment only. As members of the Antwerp diamond bourses, we adhere to their respective codes of conduct.